Vail Daily letter: Committed to Minturn |

Vail Daily letter: Committed to Minturn

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO, Colorado

Frank Lorenti wants your vote for Minturn council on April 6. Here are some more reasons to vote for me.:

I am 100 percent invested in Minturn’s future.

I own a business in Minturn.

I own a home in Minturn.

My wife and I are raising two young children in Minturn.

I want to improve Minturn for my family and yours.

I want to treat people fairly and with respect.

I want to lower our taxes/mill levy for homeowners. I want more businesses in Minturn, but at the same time we cannot wait 10 years for increased revenue from those businesses and you will have to pay higher property tax increases to improve our town, or we can improve Minturn immediately with a billionaire developers’ money.

It is your choice, Minturn. Take the billionaire’s money or you, the Minturn citizen, will pay higher taxes. Do not forget that he promised us millions of dollars, so let’s hold him accountable and use that money today to improve Minturn, create jobs, keep our taxes lower and lower our water and sewer rates.

Here are some of the promised items that we need today: $6 million for recreation center/senior center, $2 million for bike path and sidewalks, $350,000 for scholarship fund, $250,000 to improve Little Beach Park,

$21.25 million for sewer plant, $22 million to buy and hopefully preserve Martin Creek Forest Land or to be used for citizens’ benefits.

If you do not want the currently planned high density affordable housing on the Martin Creek Forest Land area, then you need me on council to stop or rethink that development plan.

That above $51-plus million is ours immediately and that is how we improve Minturn today.

Our infrastructure is so bad that it will take millions to fix it. Raising our taxes and waiting for new business revenue will take to long and will never give us enough money to fix things correctly. That is called throwing your hard-earned good money after bad.

I will be hosting a community question-and-answer get-together at the Turntable restaurant in Minturn on Tuesday, March 16, from 5-7 p.m. and also again on Thursday, April 1, from 5-7 p.m. These will be very informal. I want you to have access to me, so I am giving you all a chance to sit down and talk with me. If you can not attend, you can always call me.

My website is or call me at (970) 390-1460.

I also want more transparency on council. I want to start an e-mail notification system for people that want to stay informed on items that go before the council.

Town Council is a paid position and you, the citizens, will sign my check. I will work for you, the Minturn citizens. I will never forget that.

Vote for Frank Lorenti for the Minturn Town Council to represent homeowners, business owners and families in Minturn, treat people with respect and to get us the money.

That is why I want to be on the council. That is why you should want me on the council.

Cut this letter out and put on your refrigerator to remember to vote for Frank Lorenti for the Minturn Town Council and what I stand for.

Get extra newspapers and give this letter to your friends and neighbors.

This is an important time for Minturn.

For two years now, I have been an outspoken advocate for getting the citizens the promised money.

Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker. says; “There’s always a way if you’re committed.”

I assure you that I am 100 percent committed and I want to be on the council so I can work with council and the developer on creative ways to release that money that benefits both parties.

By voting for me, you will be sending a strong message to the developer that two years is long enough to wait for the promised millions of dollars.

Thank you.

Frank Lorenti


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