Vail Daily letter: Completely against Hidden Gems |

Vail Daily letter: Completely against Hidden Gems

Jonathan Lange
Vail, CO, Colorado

I do not agree with Hidden Gems one bit.

I believe it is every American’s right to go to these places, whether it be on foot, a bike, horses, ATV or four-by-four.

It is completely unfair to continually close down these recreation areas just because some crybaby said he doesn’t like to see others having fun.

I am a former U.S. Marine and have hiked more than any of these so-called heroes of the land. It’s funny how the ones who want it closed are the first ones to ask for help from someone like myself who is an avid jeep enthusiast and dirt biker.

Who are these people to determine who gets to use this land and for what, anyway? These people have not served this country or bled for their freedoms like I have.

You say land of the free? Well, I say land of the freedomless.

One-track minded and hiking boots are not the only people who use this land.

In fact, they are only a small percentage of the overall usage of the so-called public lands. Wait, yes, I said public lands that I can no longer use due to this liberal gestapo. How beautiful is America if no one can see it?

I really wish that these people would stop their complaining. If you are sad because you had to hike there, then get an ATV or jeep, drive the trail to where you would turn around on foot, get your butt out, and then hike where no one has been before.

Don’t be hurt because you are not smart enough to build something that can get you there.

Leave my trails alone. You have plenty. Look at the Colorado maps, for crying out loud, and you will see way more nonmotorized areas than motorized ones already.

Stop this madness already.

Can’t we all just share this incredible country? Is that not what our forefathers gave us the right to do? To hike, to jeep, to fish and hunt, bike, climb, ski, raft and any other kind of outdoor adventure that you may desire?

I agree that going off trails is wrong, and I proudly fly a “Colorado Stay on the Trail” sticker on my Jeep and will tell anyone disrespecting this to fix themselves because respected access is open access.

I will say this, though. I pay my OHV fees every year to ride my Jeep. Where is this fee for hiking or cross-country skiing? No, they don’t pay. But I pay for search and rescue to go find them when they fall and get hurt. That’s not right.

If you close something, you have to close it to everyone, not just some.

That’s not democracy. Its bureaucracy. My name is Jonny Lange, and I say leave it open for all to enjoy.

Jonathan Lange


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