Vail Daily letter: Concerned for cyclist safety |

Vail Daily letter: Concerned for cyclist safety

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t ride my bike. As a longtime commuter and long-distance touring cyclist, riding my bike has allowed me to explore my backyard and the world.

Safety on the road is a primary concern of mine. The recent Milo-Erzinger case, which has brought the Vail Valley to state and national attention, has caused me to question if our county is willing to treat auto drivers and cyclists as equals when safety is in question.

I have included my letter to Judge (Katharine) Sullivan below. This is an issue that should be discussed and commented on. As a community, I suggest that we now move forward and commit to treating each other with respect and care.

“Judge Sullivan: I understand that you will be the judge hearing the case involving the hit-and-run auto-bicycle accident of Mr. (Steven) Milo, a road bicyclist, by a motor vehicle driven by Mr. (Martin Joel) Erzinger. After reviewing the media coverage, as well as Mr. (Mark) Hurlbert’s responses, I must admit that I remain very concerned about the service of justice in this case.

“I am a 20-year resident of Eagle County and appreciate the amazing opportunities that we cyclists have in this community. We all should feel safe on our roadways no matter our mode of transportation. My expectation is that when an accident does occur, our judicial system will research thoroughly and handle cases accordingly. I depend upon my elected and appointed officials to handle matters in a way that serves all members of our community in a fair and equal manner. This means both drivers and cyclists using our roads.

“It is imperative that we set an example for the state and nation (to whom the details of this case have been exposed) regarding the equal rights of automobiles and cycles and drivers and cyclists on our roadways. I do not believe that the misdemeanor charges leveled against Mr. Erzinger set that example. Setting aside the professions of the two persons involved, I believe that plain and simple, the hit and run of a cyclist resulting in serious bodily harm is a felony. Failure of our judicial system to handle this case as such is a sad statement on those we have elected and appointed to keep us safe.

“If possible, please consider overturning this misdemeanor charge in favor of a felony charge. This would send a message to our community and those following this case – one that shows that all those who use our roadways are treated with equal rights.

“Please contact me with any questions you might have. Best regards.”

Louise E. Randall


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