Vail Daily letter: Congrats Huskies |

Vail Daily letter: Congrats Huskies

Michael Cacioppo Jr.
Vail, CO, Colorado

A quick note of congratulations to Battle Mountain Huskies and Dave Cope!

For the past 6 years from the heart of European Football – Manchester, England – there is one team in the States that I keep tabs on and that is my old team the Huskies, of which I proudly captained with Toby Dawson and Nick Gulizia back in 1997.

Twenty-0 and state champions! These are truly legendary accomplishments and the basis for glorious songs and grand films! Who are they lining up to play Cope? Surely this qualifies for a go at the Champions League next year!

I’d like to thank the Daily for great coverage, allowing me to feel like I was on the sidelines all the way from England. I managed to watch a live stream of the final and as overtime and penalties approached and finally the victory! I think it was midnight here. The neighbors must have heard my joy!

Well done, Huskies! The only way to top it is to clone it. Two years in row? Ten peat? The next decade without a loss?

With a coach like Dave Cope, anything is possible.

Completely deserved! Sincere congratulations!

Michael Cacioppo Jr.

Manchester, UK

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