Vail Daily letter: Congratulations, thanks |

Vail Daily letter: Congratulations, thanks

Bob Starodoj
Aspen, CO, Colorado

First I would like to thank the people that supported me in my re-election bid for the Holy Cross Board of Directors.

After 25 years, it appears that the membership decided that they needed change. There were a couple of objectives which I did not accomplish during my tenure on the board, and I’m disappointed that I did not get to see these projects through to fruition.

There is no perfect time to leave, but at some point we all must face the inevitable. I am hopeful that Holy Cross is in a better place now than when I first came on board many years ago.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Munk on his victory and assure the membership that he will make a very fine board member.

Holy Cross is one of the finest organizations I have had the pleasure of being associated with. The membership staff and management should be extremely proud of the organization they have created. I know I am!

Bob Starodoj


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