Vail Daily letter: Conservative incontinence |

Vail Daily letter: Conservative incontinence

Ted Springer
Vail, CO, Colorado

Ah yes, another nasty and wrong-headed letter from someone commenting on David LaVine’s factual, well-written and positive article about Obama’s achievements.

The writer’s comments are considered, but, well, mostly specious … and the language, unfortunately, tasteless.

Obama’s GM and Chrysler achievement saved not only the jobs at those auto companies, but many thousands of workers at businesses that supply the automakers, plus the multiplier effect throughout the whole community. And the companies are paying off their debt quickly, to the benefit of taxpayers.

His criticism of Obama regarding the Osama episode is, at the least, quite off the mark. Tell U.S. citizens that this was part of Obama’s “murderous rampage.”

And who put U.S. troops in huge numbers into Iraq and Afghanistan originally?

Obama’s foreign policy has been well-reasoned and effective, in my opinion. His actions regarding Libya were successful and even endorsed by a number of Republicans, of all things.

And the writer’s comment on the Affordable Health Care Act that it had “nothing to do with health but only with revenue and governmental control over a once free and independent people” defies reason.

No, it had to do with making sure all Americans were covered by health care, as well as ensuring that the public couldn’t be discriminated against when trying to get insurance because they had a pre-existing condition or would lose their health care because they changed jobs or lost their job.

Truth is, the president allowed free-market corporate insurance companies (whose record in insuring citizens featured large rate increases and repeated denials of coverage) to retain a major role in the new plan.

Unfortunately, this means that the profit motive trumps health care concerns and the well-being of the U.S. public. Not good.

The claim of a so-called government takeover is simply untrue.

What this administration has done is not “disreputable,” as the writer accuses, but, as Mr. LaVine chronicles, is impressive indeed – in spite of the day-after-day opposition by the Party of No.

Also: Thank you, Richard Carnes, for your article telling us what we already know: Romney is a lame contender for the office of president.

You warn GOPers that if they don’t get behind Romney, “you’re simply guaranteeing another four years of Obama and his care.

And nobody wants that, right?”

Well, wrong, but thanks for asking.

The fact is, Obama does care — and the many millions of us who believe in his intelligence, effectiveness and compassion will support him with great diligence, unlike the lukewarm (for good reason) support conservatives and the Republican party offer for Chameleon Man, Mitt Romney.

Ted Springer


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