Vail Daily letter: Convenience matters |

Vail Daily letter: Convenience matters

Susan Hagy Humphrey
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a second-home owner in Vail, accessible transportation to and from the valley is extremely important. I live on the East Coast and for almost 30 years, my family and I have utilized about every flight route in to and out of Colorado.

I am concerned with the trend toward fewer flights in and out of Eagle County Regional Airport, and I support efforts to increase flight access, not just from a Houston hub, but from the East and West coasts.

It is critical for Eagle County’s airport to continue to serve Vail, Aspen and local communities with reliable flights. As such, flights need to be convenient enough to pay the often higher ticket prices. I use the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern U.S. airports.

Frankly, the layover times getting to Vail can be challenging. Using United as an example, I routinely see itineraries taking 12 hours end to end for air travel from second tier airports from the East Coast to Eagle County.

I have generally accepted a three-hour layover in Dallas using American Airlines, or fly to Denver and drive to Eagle County.

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I would strongly prefer to fly into Eagle County than Denver. I am more rested and able to transition more quickly than navigating through Denver. This is a value add, whether the traveler is a local resident, second-home owner or first-time visitor. I feel confident in expressing for all of us who desire to hit the ground running (or the slopes) and spend less time in travel mode.

But to accomplish this, flights must be available! It is worth noting that when travelers are flying into Eagle County, they are not part of the frequent logjam on I-70 between Denver and Vail. Flights into Eagle County help to ease highway congestion.

Susan Hagy Humphrey

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