Vail Daily letter: Corporate rule |

Vail Daily letter: Corporate rule

Lori Russell
Vail, CO, Colorado

Absolutely amazing. Did anyone else notice in the news last week? It got a brief line on most news channels on Thursday, but no mention at all on Fox News.

It was the ruling by our Supreme Court that many analysts are calling the most dramatic legislative ruling in decades. With the stoke of a pen, our conservative right Supreme Court majority (put in place by the Bush administration) waived 100 years of legislative precedent in this country.

They removed all restrictions on corporations to fund and promote their choice of political candidate. It is the opinion of justices Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia and Alito that huge corporations should be regarded as individuals, and have the same 1st Amendments rights as individuals.

For a century, our courts have strived to restrict the influence of corporations and special interest groups over politics. Now any industry — like oil, banking, tobacco, logging, drugs, insurance — can give money, unrestricted, to a candidate and sway public opinion with their promotions to get those in office who will cooperate with their economic agenda.

Every office across America is now up for sale. Politics by corporate control. May the richest corporation win.

Republicans and Democrats alike, conservative or liberal, should all be shaking in your boots. Many analysts say this is the end of the democratic process as we know it. It wasn’t perfect before.

And now, the Bush dynasty has finally succeeded in the country’s biggest political coup insuring that corporate interests will always out-way and out-buy the little voice of the individual.

Gone is the moderating voice of a more bipartisan government to help preserve the health and interests of the individual. The responsibility of the politician is now to insure the economic profits of the corporation that paid to get him in office.

I can offer the web site of one outraged person, Alan Grayson, if you want to sign a petition to Washington to oppose this kind of legislation. And you can google “Supreme Court decision” to read more about this outrageous heist of the American political system.

Lori Russell


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