Vail Daily letter: County still overspending |

Vail Daily letter: County still overspending

Beric Christiansen
Vail, CO, Colorado

When I read your editorial regarding Eagle county keeping tax rates the same and pocketing the tax revenue, my first thought was that this editorial was better late than never. It would have been helpful to have the reporters and the editors focused on this issue during last year’s election, when there were fiscally responsible candidates running for office.

As I wrote in a letter about a month ago, the county has increased spending almost 50 percent in four years. Every dollar of the 50 percent tax increase has been spent as fast as it has rolled in, and that is why the county is doing everything it can to gouge out the last dime from citizens worried about paying for food and other expenses. Some people will lose their houses as they won’t be able to afford more taxes.

Some of our taxes have gone for such essentials as county-subsidized day care (rejected by the voters but done anyway), trading in perfectly good cars to buy “green” Priuses at a premium price to save minimal amounts of gas, ripping out perfectly good landscape to build a “green” entrance to the county building at $250,000 and building an expansion to the jail for around $20 million that we will be paying for for decades.

Let’s not forget all the consultants to rename the airport and come up with a new logo for the county. Have any of you been to the county attorney’s office with all the wood paneling and high-end furniture? A high-end law firm would be proud. Cost is no problem when you are spending other people’s money. These are only some of the things we know about. What don’t we know?

Government entities in this county have been doubling permit fees, tap fees and adding restrictions on builders that drive up costs. They do this at the same time they complain about “affordable” housing. We are paying for a housing czar that competes with local brokers and now we will pay for an energy czar to manage loans that banks could be doing.

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Eventually this spending will result in people deciding to go elsewhere as they can’t afford to work and live in Eagle County.

The media in Eagle County could help expose what is going on, do some real investigative reporting and inform the voters so that candidates that will reverse the current trend can be elected.

This is what the Tea Party movement and the 9.12 Projects are doing at the national level.

Let’s all join together to put Eagle County back on the path to fiscal responsibility.

Beric Christiansen

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