Vail Daily letter: Couple very wrong about Singletree situation |

Vail Daily letter: Couple very wrong about Singletree situation

Herb Luhman
Vail, CO, Colorado

It is very unfortunate that Janice and Dan Greer (Vail Daily letter Jan. 13) sought a solution to the employment of the Singletree community manager when the proper avenue would have been the Singletree Property Owners Board and the Metro Board. They are responsible for hiring a community manager.

Even more unfortunate is that the Greer’s facts were all wrong. I was instrumental in this hire, so I know of what I speak. The previous manager was selected from a large pool of applicants that had responded to an employment ad in the Vail Daily.

She was selected from six finalists. She was not a friend of anyone on the board. She had extensive management experience and was not a Realtor. She and her husband own a property management business, a valuable background.

Your ill-informed letter does damage to the person who is a respected, active person in the Vail Valley and to Singletree, whose leaders are independently determined by vote and work for free.

Finally, it is illegal under the Singletree covenants to own a pooled vacation property in Singletree such as you said you owned.

Herb Luhman


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