Vail Daily letter: Critical thinking |

Vail Daily letter: Critical thinking

Darrell Walsh
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am glad I wasn’t living in Eagle County at the time of Dick Gustafson’s tenure as an Eagle County commissioner. At that time, I was in school learning about subjects such as economics and science.

I am very fortunate to have received an excellent education from the public school system and at state universities. This has allowed me to be a critical thinker who can take information and evaluate its factuality and use this information to be a productive part of society, who among other things, can vote for who I think will do the best job in public office.

Dick Gustafson didn’t seem to get this same education. He has so many factual inaccuracies in his commentary about impeaching the president, I wouldn’t have enough space to address half of them. Taking liberties with the truth is an often used propaganda device used to convince people who don’t take the time to educate themselves by looking critically at both sides of an issue.

As a former educator, my biggest disagreement with Mr. Gustafson is his blatant attack on science. He claims that Al Gore created the “global warming hoax,” which I and the vast majority of the scientific world would disagree with. I do think the term “global warming” is a misnomer and should be called global climate change.

If this summer alone, with records set in nearly all states, including Colorado, were used as a sign we could be fairly certain something planetary is going on. Only, we don’t have to use this summer we can look at global trends in temperature, weather and the frequency of storms to once again make a pretty solid inference.

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But I wouldn’t be writing this if I only had opinions or inferences. Almost the entire world community of scientists has agreed that global climate change is a fact. A meta-analysis of climate experts research puts the number who believe humans have had an impact on climate change at 97 percent.

This may not be convincing enough for Mr. Gustafson, so I have one last argument. Spend a little time at your local schools. Watch how many children need inhalers for asthma and are sick with diseases not seen when you were a child. Then check the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society researching pollution. If not for you for your children and grandchildren. They depend on us to make sure they have clean air and water.

Darrell Walsh


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