Vail Daily letter: Crucial vote for Eagle’s future |

Vail Daily letter: Crucial vote for Eagle’s future

Kraige Kinney
Vail, CO, Colorado

One of the added benefits of Eagle River Station beyond the more than $17 million in upfront fees and $2.3 million in annual sales tax revenue generated to the town of Eagle is the upgrade of the infrastructure along Chambers Avenue.

A prime location for the expansion plans of City Market could be one of the two sites on Chambers that are large enough to accommodate a larger store.

Currently, neither site has adequate water or sewer lines and would require a new water tank in the area to increase the water pressure. The cost of those upgrades exceeds $6 million, which neither City Market nor the town of Eagle can afford to pay.

Eagle River Station, as a part of their development approval, would be required to upsize the water and sewer lines on Chambers and also build a new water tank, all at no cost to the Eagle


So even if you discount the more than 800 construction jobs over the next three years that Eagle River Station will require, or the more than 1,500 permanent positions this development will create, or the millions of dollars in revenue it will generate for Eagle, we need to do all we can to keep a local grocery store in our community.

Particularly, one that generates over 40 percent of our sales tax revenue.

Please vote “yes” to ERS on May 22.

Kraige Kinney


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