Vail Daily letter: Current health care system flawed |

Vail Daily letter: Current health care system flawed

Michael Barca
Vail, CO, Colorado

Health-care reform is a complex issue with no easy solutions. For me, the most disturbing aspect of the debate is that there are people who actually think there is nothing wrong with our system.

Some say polls show that a majority of Americans are satisfied with the coverage they have now. Are you kidding me? How can the millions of Americans without insurance be satisfied with the coverage they don’t have?

I guess they didn’t poll those people. And did they poll the vast majority who do have insurance that were conned into believing that high deductible insurance policies would keep their premiums low?

How many of those polled actually have had to face a major illness, resulting in the overwhelming fun of filing claims and fighting every step of the way with their insurance company?

Why did the World Health Organization rank the USA 37th in health care? Yes, that happened in 2000, but I doubt we have climbed much higher than that since then.

Guess who was first? France, the conservatives’ favorite country to ridicule.

If you care to look up the list on the Internet, you will find that the majority of countries of any size at all that rank above the USA all have some form of socialized medicine. There must be a reason for this.

Perhaps profit and good health care are conflicting and incompatible goals.

If you are afraid of having the government involved in any way in your health care because you believe that government is inherently incompetent, I would say that those beliefs lead to electing officials who also believe the same.

That would be a self-fulfilling prophecy, and we have the last administration’s eight years as proof.

If you believe government is incompetent I would also suggest you give up your Social Security and Medicare, close the Postal Service, dissolve the military, build your own roads and bridges, provide your own disaster relief, turn the national park system over to Weyhauser, let drug companies approve their own drugs, and allow car makers to decide what level of pollutants their cars should produce.

If you believe that health care is for those that can afford it, and every person is responsible only for him or herself, then our conversation is over.

If you believe that health care is a right, and that government has a responsibility to promote the general welfare of its people, then you must also be willing to examine more successful health-care systems the world over.

You might also notice as you research on the Internet, that most articles maligning socialized medicine are written by conservative think tanks, insurance companies and business organizations.

Most articles praising socialized medicine seem to originate with organizations involved in promoting health.

America is simply not “the best” at everything. Let’s eat some humble pie, and learn something from others. We can examine many other systems and pick the best aspects of each, to begin reforming an obviously “sick” system.

Michael Barca


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