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Vail Daily letter: Cycle safety ideas

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Vail, CO Colorado

A proposal to municipal, county, state and other governments:

These are informal but personal findings regarding bike accident reporting and general accident communications.

This information is presented only with the intent of raising additional awareness:

• There is inconsistency in bike accident reporting and recording of information. There’s no clear path of who to tell. Everybody seems to say call somebody else.

• The Colorado Department of Transportation says to call the Colorado State Patrol, local law enforcement or the State Attorney’s Office. CDOT maintains and constructs Colorado state highways only. Regarding all signage, CDOT has strict federal guidelines on type, number and placement on state highways.

• Only when there is a bike accident related to a vehicle on a roadway, or when someone is hurt seriously or dies, are bike accidents recorded. There is no standard reporting system for hot spots, areas of concern or complaints.

• There is a software program available to law enforcement agencies that allows queries for bike accidents (Vail does make the query). However, it’s use is not standardized among all communities, states, etc., and whether or not this system allows for “hot-spot” complaints is unknown to me.

• Consistent, public communication of these hot spots once tracked could save lives and liability for them.

• I learned that Vail does have a bike patrol that enables one-on-one communication of safety awareness.

• Signs with phone numbers and brief procedure for bike accident and hot spot reporting should be in place consistently to work well.

Close calls: A campaign for bike safety awareness — signage showing phone number to call and Web-site and e-mail reporting. Not a complaint line as such. The extra administration is worth it.

Offered by a local and a bicyclist.

Jill Ann Fryklund, Eagle

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