Vail Daily letter: D.C. memories |

Vail Daily letter: D.C. memories

Bob Foley
Gypsum, CO Colorado

I was just reflecting on my Memorial Day weekend in Washington, D.C. My wife, Kay, and I went to D.C. to see the Rolling Thunder Parade on Sunday and the Memorial Day Parade on Monday. Both events were impressive and sobering at the same time.

During the weekend, a lot of old memories came flooding back to me.

I love D.C. I went to school there. I spent four glorious years at American University from 1966 to 1970. The class of 1970 was the “class that did not graduate.” American University closed the campus that spring, right after the tragic events at Kent State University in Ohio. A student protest on the Kent State campus was broken up when the Ohio National Guard fired live ammunition into the crowd of students, killing four students and wounding nine more (much to the delight of the left). American University gave us all incompletes and told us to leave the campus immediately.

A couple of group of students, the Weathermen (the Weather Underground) and the SDS ( Students for Democratic Society), refused to leave the campus and forced the university administration to call the police to restore order. This was the beginning of the “Battle of Ward Circle” The “battle” was a two-day siege by the Washington, D.C., Tactical Force. The Tactical Force set up siege lines along two contiguous sides of the 75-acre campus and lobbed tear gas onto the campus for two days. They used so much tear gas that every biological experiment died in the Science Building. And every student left on campus after that barrage (there weren’t too many, only the truly committed Leftists) were taken off campus at gun point.

You see, these were the days of the SDS and the Weathermen. Days of William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (our very own home-grown terrorists), two people who that think violence is the way to effect political change. William Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, were the founders of the Weathermen (the Weather Underground). Ayers and Dohrn think it is OK to bomb innocent people to push their communist agenda. They set off bombs at the Pentagon, the New York City Police Headquarters and the United States Capitol. They believe the in the same strategies as al-Qaida. In my book, they are the same as al-Qaida.

It’s funny, but what made me think back was the fact I hadn’t heard William Ayers’ name or Bernadine Dohrn’s name for years. It wasn’t until Barack Obama appeared on the scene that Ayers and Dohrn came back into the main stream media.

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