Vail Daily letter: DA should resign |

Vail Daily letter: DA should resign

Bennett Pollack
Gypsum, CO Colorado

Yo, Hurlbert! Your decision making stinks! Resign now! Quit! Get out! If you don’t get out, We the People are going to throw you out.

Think of your family. Who is going to hire you after you’ve been recalled? You’ll have to be a Mr. Mom and your wife will have to bring home the bacon because no one will hire you.

I tried to call you and leave a message so we could keep this between us but I couldn’t get a human being to answer the phone. Five minutes of calling the District Attorney’s Office and no one would pick up the phone! That’s enough reason to recall you.

But there’s more, much, much more. I’m serious, Hurlbert. You’ve heard of contempt of court? This is contempt of the district attorney! Leave now and don’t ever come back. You’ve embarrassed We the People for the last time.

And when you leave (and you will leave) don’t ever come back to Eagle County. I mean it. If you’re on I-70 driving to Glenwood and you have to pee, pee in your pants! Then you will begin to know the embarassment that having you for a district attorney has been. You’re going to get dirty on this, Hurlbert. Because of you, We the People are already dirty. You threw us under a bus. We are going to drag you under the bus with us. Save yourself, man. Get out while you still can.

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