Vail Daily letter: Dangerous corner in Edwards |

Vail Daily letter: Dangerous corner in Edwards

Melanie Molloy
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’d like to take a minute to address an area of concern. The Highway 6 intersection in Edwards is a very busy place. There are cars going through, as well as turning right and left from every direction.

But there are also pedestrians. With the warmer weather approaching, more and more walkers and bicyclists will be present.

I have been cut off more times than I can count when trying to cross from the Homestead side to the Riverwalk path. I am almost always with my kids, pushing a stroller or watching my older one while he rides his bike.

While we utilize the crosswalk signals 100 percent of the time, the drivers don’t seem to recognize that we are there and have the right of way.

There is a clear sign that states, “No Right Turn On Red When Pedestrians Present.”

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But despite this, we have had drivers of the local fire department, school district trucks, and local ambulance vehicles all pull out in front of us when we have the walk signal.

No wonder regular drivers don’t pay attention. The people who are supposed to be looking out for safety don’t care either!

Today, I waited for the walk signal, and just as we stepped out into the crosswalk, a red pickup truck (with a business name on the side that I don’t recall) pulled out.

I waved my hands, and she made some angry gestures back at me. I was disappointed to see that she felt that it was my fault.

I have recently noticed a police officer idling close by, but have never seen anyone ticketed for not obeying the signage.

Please realize that by cutting off pedestrians in any intersection, lives (often children) are put at risk, and it won’t get you to your destination any quicker.

That intersection has a lot going on. Please take time to look around and realize that there is more to watch for than just cars.

Melanie Molloy


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