Vail Daily letter: Dangerous prank |

Vail Daily letter: Dangerous prank

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

This past Friday night, some person or persons thought it would be a thrill to open all the horse pasture gates in Wolcott and release all of the horses onto the highway. Three horses we own were let out, along with 10 to 12 horses from neighboring pastures. These horses were run-ning east along Highway 6 all the way to Squaw Creek Road, for what we understand was most of the night.

I can’t imagine the kind of per-son that would initiate such pos-sible harm to these animals, nev-ermind the danger that this posed to anyone traveling on Highway 6 or Interstate 70 that night. These dark-colored horses would have been difficult to see in the dark and would be like hit-ting a moose. It is a near-miracle that no horses or human beings were killed during this prank. All of these pastures are situated between Highway 6 and I-70, so the danger these horses were put in is tremendous.

Without the help of the sheriff and property owners in getting those horses back into their pas-tures, more damage would have definitely been done. These horses are our pets, and we are asking if anyone knows who was involved in this incident, please contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

– Heather Beckett, Wolcott

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