Vail Daily letter: Dangerous roads |

Vail Daily letter: Dangerous roads

Chris Sauro
Gypsum, CO Colorado
Vail, CO Colorado

According to the Colorado State Patrol website, in 2008 there were more accidents caused by “following too closely” than DUI.

In my daily commutes from Gypsum to Vail, I have witnessed some obscene driving behavior by our valley residents from excessive speeding to work in the mornings to aggressive driving and unsafe lane changes in the evening. I blame our residents because I see this all seasons and at every on- and off-ramp.

Folks, this has to stop! I do not want to die on our highway. I can think of better ways to go. Slow down, yield to on-coming traffic and give drivers a chance to get out of the passing lane before bearing down on them.

I left New York for Vail 16 years ago to escape this garbage. To the driver that was tail-gating me on the highway in Edwards on Thursday morning and caused me to drive off the road, don’t worry, I am all right. I know you must have been late for something because you didn’t even stop.

In fact, you were passing me as I was changing lanes, so you must have been in a hurry. Well, I totalled my car but am thankful myself and passenger are fine. Things could have been much worse, though.

I want to say thank you to Don (who had a Paragon Guides jacket on) for calling 911 and stopping to see if we were OK. I also want to thank the people who saw the incident, got off the highway in Avon and turned around to come back to see if we were all right. You were obviously going skiing, as we were, and took the time to do that. There are some kind people still here in the mountains. I also want to thank the Avon Fire Department, Paramedics, Sheriff’s Office, Colorado State Patrol and West Vail Shell – all truly professionals.

From now on, I am going to be less tolerant of these aggressive drivers and will call *277 to report these people to the Colorado State Patrol.

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