Vail Daily letter: Dead-end claims? |

Vail Daily letter: Dead-end claims?

Maria Piliero
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am writing in response to Rohn Robbins’ piece concerning embryonic stem cell research printed Wednesday.

He writes “While stem cells can be adult or embryonic, embryonic stems are the undisputed champs and can morph into any cell type desired.”

This statement is completely erroneous. For over 20 years, the research involving embryonic stem cells has yielded nothing – not a single cure or treatment. In fact, their use has often resulted in tumors, as embryonic stem cells reproduce very rapidly.

Adult stem cells, on the other hand, have led to 73 effective clinical trials. (See http://www.stemcell for references.)

There seems to be this hope among scientists that by using embryonic stem cells, they could patent a cure or treatment and profit from it.

But the reality is that these cells have never lived up to their miracle claims.

Private investors will not fund this dead-end research, so scientists are forever seeking tax dollars.

Maria Piliero


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