Vail Daily letter: Dealt own country a blow |

Vail Daily letter: Dealt own country a blow

Both The New York Times and The Washington Post headlined a story by saying that Republican Sen. Jon Kyl “dealt a blow to Mr. Obama by stating that the the treaty to limit nuclear weapons should not be considered during the upcoming session of Congress.”

The headline should have stated that Jon Kyl dealt a blow to the citizens of the United States of America!

Passage of the bill would make our country militarily safer, avoid enormous expenditures of money and enhance the opportunities for an ever-improving relationship with Russia. It is worth noting here that our military experts were an integral part of the negotiating team and that every senior military leader, including Mr. Robert Gates, has spoken out in favor of its passage.

But no, Mr. Kyl does not want to do anything at all that might reflect favorably on Mr. Obama. And so, in effect, the United States be damned!

I would just love to ask Mr. Kyl, “When and why did you decide that the selfish interests of the Republican Party were more important than the future of our country?”

David Le Vine

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