Vail Daily letter: ‘Debates’ lacked debate |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Debates’ lacked debate

What I found to be noticeably lacking during the Eagle County “debates” was the debate aspect. In an actual debate the two sides are involved in an exchange. There was no such format for these candidates to respond to incomplete, or out-right false, statements made the opposition. This allowed for some petty behavior as well as misinformation. I question the motives for candidates wanting these offices when, in front of an audience, such would be demonstrated.

I only hope that our Eagle County voters are able to look beyond the smoke screen and find out the facts for themselves. These positions are important and the right person for the job is critical. Each elected official should have the depth, of both education and experience, to handle what can potentially come along, be it a minor crime to a mass shooting; be it the solitary death to a catastrophic situation with a large death toll. It can happen here, the worst-case-scenario is not a trial-and-error learning situation. I want the person in these key positions who can handle the chaos and stress of having to multi-task during a situation involving several agencies. I want the person who can anticipate and knows what to do next because they’ve been there with boots-on-the-ground, not just from having their nose in a book.

I dislike politics because of the distortion of facts during the campaigns. It is our job as voters to become educated and it is not difficult to fact-check claims made by any candidate. It is difficult to make a voter care enough to do so, however.

Shannon Bunnell


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