Vail Daily letter: Dems should drop gun limits |

Vail Daily letter: Dems should drop gun limits

Bill Lindsay
Vail, CO, Colorado

I vote Democrat for several reasons, but by far the most important subjects are sustainable use of our natural resources, pollution control, clean air and water, respect for biodiversity,etc. The word conservation comes from the word conservative – what Republicans were back in the days of Teddy Roosevelt.

After the 2000 election, Democrats figured out that the NRA was the most successful get-out-the-vote force in the Republican Party, and that is wasn’t worth losing an election over gun control. That was only 12 years ago.

Not only is gun control not worth losing an election over, it might not even lower the rate of gun violence.

From my perspective, most hunters I know are also conservation-minded. Whether it is ducks or deer or any other creature that they hunt, the animals need to be healthy.

Every time I argue with one of my friends who are hunters about politics, I find out that the No. 1 reason they vote Republican is because of gun control.

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They agree that their party is atrocious when it comes to every environmental issue but that gun control trumps conservation.

Please, Democrats, drop gun control now and forever. The destruction of our fragile planet is not worth a fight over assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Bill Lindsay


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