Vail Daily letter: Deputies go above and beyond |

Vail Daily letter: Deputies go above and beyond

Shane Calhoun
Vail, CO, Colorado

On Jan. 1, my wife, infant daughter, father-in-law and grandfather-in-law were traveling home from Vail to Oklahoma City. That morning at the Eagle County Regional Airport, we were dropped from our flight home and were basically put to finding a way home for ourselves.

During this time, I was talking to a couple of your deputies who happened to come up to the airport due to this problem happening the previous day to other customers.

As I was talking to the United gate representative, these deputies went out of their way to help us get home in a quicker fashion. With United representatives not helping, both deputies began looking for flights out that could help us. While one was looking at the outbound flights, the other went to the American Airlines desk and personally asked them if they had any flights available.

Luckily, there were four seats left on a flight to Dallas, in which we could then fly from Dallas to Oklahoma City. We made these two flights and got home about five hours later than planned but 11 to 13 hours faster than by car.

Without the help from these two officers, the ending to our Vail vacation would have been miserable and would have wiped away all of the enjoyment that we had while we were there.

I would like to personally thank both of these officers for their extra help that they gave me and my family. I know that they did not have to do this, but it is comforting to know that some people will still go out of their way to help others even if the situation does not directly pertain to their job or duties.

I do not know the names of these two officers, but hopefully my description will help out and give these officers the thanks that they deserve. One officer, whom I talked to the most, was a K9 officer that stood about 5-9. The other officer was slender and taller, probably about 6-2. If you could help get these thanks to them, that would be great.

Thanks again. The people of Eagle County should be proud that they have deputies like these two men, serving and protecting their community.

Shane Calhoun

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