Vail Daily letter: Didn’t I read that before? |

Vail Daily letter: Didn’t I read that before?

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

I read both the Vail Daily and the Mountaineer. As I was reading the article bylined ” by Randy Wyrick” in the Mountaineer on Tuesday about the new interfaith chapel to be built in Edwards, I got the distinct feeling that I’d read the identical words just recently in the Vail Daily. I finally remembered that it had been an article by Jessi-ca Tenner, and I went to look in the recycled papers and found her article, ” By Jessica Tenner, Special to the Daily,” in Saturday’s issue.

Much of Wyrick’s article is word-for-word iden-tical to Tenner’s article, while in some sentences one word of Tenner’s has been substituted for another while the rest of the sentence is exactly what Jessica wrote in the VD three days earlier.

What gives?

– Maria Minick, Edwards

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