Vail Daily letter: Disorganized event |

Vail Daily letter: Disorganized event

Laura McBride
Vail, CO Colorado

Vail Resorts was ill-prepared for Lindsey Vonn’s homecoming celebration!

This event had almost zero security or order to what should have been a pleasant and inspir-ing appearance. While Chad Fleischer, Dick Cleveland, Aldo Radamus and Vail Resorts’ pres-ident pumped up the crowd, it became dangerous with the dis-organization and lack of order when it came time for auto-graphs. There was no line or sys-tem, which became total chaos! While my 5-year-old and I waited patiently, being pushed, shoved and at times completely crushed by the masses, the peo-ple who had received the honor of gaining Lindsey’s signature had no clear path to exit the mayhem. Adults were shoving children, and the terror on the kids’ faces trying to brave their way through the crowd mirrored the fear in my daughter’s eyes.

At one point, I had to lift two little girls ( between 7 and 10 years old) off the ground as they had fallen due to the pressure of being knocked around. I reached my hand down to pull these two helpless girls from being tram-pled. Fear and tears in their eyes, they thanked me as they ran for the shelter of their parents.

The sad thing was that it was grown adults doing the pushing and shoving and forgetting that these children have been touched by Lindsey’s success and repre-senting future young skiers to achieve their goals!

I witnessed people passing skis to be signed while others were hit in the face with planks accompanied by razor-sharp edges for any attempt at an autograph. A few mothers, including myself, kept asking the masses politely to please let the chil-dren through to meet and have an experi-ence that could give them the drive to suc-ceed in all aspects of their lives. These peo-ple were too selfish to let these children through to meet their hometown idol. Shame on you!

After waiting and waiting and endanger-ing my own daughter’s safety for a chance to meet the woman who has inspired her to not only ski Chair 5 at the tender age of 5 but to exude confidence in skiing and apply this to her daily life, we saw Lindsey partly overwhelmed and escorted away.

Vail Resorts may not have expected that many to show but should have been more prepared and organized. The adults should have put aside their own selfishness to allow these children to experience a moment with the woman who inspires them to reach for the stars.

Lindsey, we hope to see you around town this summer to have that moment!

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