Vail Daily letter: Distortion of facts |

Vail Daily letter: Distortion of facts

Ted Archibeque
Vail, CO Colorado

The recent pro-incumbent letters paint a picture of an unbiased incumbent who is somehow better because he is retired. He himself has stated that he has “no conflict of interests” and is “non-biased,” suggesting that somehow I am biased and have conflicts because I have a business. They fail to inform you of the fact that eight years ago when the incumbent was first elected, he was running his own business, and in the past other Eagle County surveyors with businesses have been elected surveyor. This distortion of the facts reinforces my decision to run for office.

The practice of land surveying is an unbiased activity, and relationship between an elected county surveyor and his or her private practice is acceptable under the law. I question the motive of anyone who claims otherwise. Unlike a candidate who has been retired for a few years, owning a business actually strengthens my candidacy because I am keeping up with technology. I truly believe there is room for improvement in government, and I have a plan of action. The voters need to decide whether they want status quo for the non-term-limited potential 12-year incumbent or I get a chance at making a positive difference.

I bring a solid background and a younger, more modern approach to the tasks at hand. The criteria for electing government officials are more about how many arrows are in a person’s quiver and less about how many feathers are in a person’s cap. My name is Ted Archibeque, and I approved this message.

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