Vail Daily letter: Divisive politics |

Vail Daily letter: Divisive politics

Jonathan Staufer
Vail, CO Colorado

It’s always a great pleasure to hear from a member of the Norton clan. While not related by blood, certainly their political genes came from the same sinkhole in the primordial ooze.

Gale Norton was so securely wedded to the corpora-tions she represented before becoming secretary of the interior that she forgot she was supposed to be represent-ing the people of the United States.

And along comes Jane Norton, spouting off the same tired rhetoric about “federal land grabs.”

Actually, Jane, the areas in the Hidden Gems are already federal land. What I and a couple of thousand oth-er people would like to see is that it remains forever in its current pristine state rather than having gas wells, timber sales and roads all over it.

This sort of deliberate and politically motivated misin-formation does nothing to further educated discussion of the issue. It serves no purpose but to divide people who have more in common with each other than they do with power- mad politicians who want to feed on an electorate they have made fractious.

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