Vail Daily letter: Do we deserve better? |

Vail Daily letter: Do we deserve better?

Peter Bergh
Vail, CO, Colorado

For many decades, our two-party system of Republicans and Democrats has served this nation well, as history clearly reveals that absolute power corrupts absolutely. However, to maintain that delicate balance of power, and to keep all politicians as honest as possible (not an easy task), it is incumbent on both major parties to stand candidates for high office who are not only experienced and qualified for the job they seek, but have a good shot at being elected.

Given the outcome of recent state and national elections, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the majority of voters think the Republican Party was, is and continues to be the party of old white men and younger men who act like old white men, plus a few women in drag. It seems to be a party seemingly totally clueless about the profound changes in the demographics of the country and what these changes mean for the party of Lincoln.

With the possibility of the Democrats gaining control of the House in the next one or two election cycles, and the strong likelihood they will hold onto the White House and the Senate in 2016, the country is on a slippery slope leading to a Eurozone style of socialism. As a consequence, the prognosis for the future economic health of the United States appears to me to be pretty grim.

For too many elections, a great many voters have been discouraged by their choice for president and members of both houses of Congress and as a consequence have tended to vote for who they think is the lesser of the two evils rather than voting for a candidate.

So the United States today is a nation split pretty much down the middle, with the left half championing free lunches and the universally failed cause of socialism, while the right half dismisses women, thumps its Bibles and brandishes its guns as their leaders endeavor to persuade the majority of voters that their version of Sharia law should be the law of the land.

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It seems to me that the inmates have taken control of the asylum. Once again, we the people have gotten the kind of government that we deserve.

Peter Bergh


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