Vail Daily letter: Doing our part |

Vail Daily letter: Doing our part

Chelsea R. Craig
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am currently an active duty officer in the U.S. Army who serves as the commander for 11th Quartermaster Detachment. I currently have 46 soldiers under my command. I am currently deployed to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

My soldiers are known as riggers or the providers. We provide the supplies that are moved forward throughout Afghanistan to support those soldiers on the ground in hostile areas.

We are able to rig every class of supply for air drop. The riggers keep pace with the never-ending demand for supplies that have to be bundled and rigged for every drop while working in tandem with the Air Force and airfield personnel in order to coordinate mission execution.

In an exhaustive effort to reach the war fighter no matter where they are in Afghanistan, we have contracted CASA C-212 airplanes to deliver the smaller low-cost, low-altitude resupply bundles to remote FOBs without disruption of daily activity, convoys and even patrols on the move.

Done with laser-precision accuracy, supplies are dropped from varying altitudes. These aircraft have the ability to deliver 2,200 pounds of supplies to locations where larger aircraft are unable to go in order to sustain small units in Afghanistan.

In addition, onboard these aircrafts are certified riggers ensuring all procedures during flight are met.

We are currently breaking numerous previously established records. We are dropping on average a million pounds of all classes of supply in Afghanistan each month. That amount will steadily increase to exceed the 1.5 million pound mark by the end of July 2011. As of today more twar fighter sustained and maintain the momentum on the battlefield.

Additionally, the increase in airdrop has minimized logistical ground transport, keeping troops off the road.

Chelsea R. Craig

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