Vail Daily letter: Done paying for everybody |

Vail Daily letter: Done paying for everybody

Kevin Kenney
Edwards, CO Colorado

As a “Bible thumper,” I wanted to respond to the letter from Peter Bergh, of Edwards, printed on April 12. First, I am a 44-year-old white Christian male. Mr. Bergh’s first generalization that he gets wrong is that if you are Republican or a Christian in America, then you are old and white. Thank God for the First Amendment to the Constitution, Mr. Bergh. It allows me to have my own beliefs without a progressive/liberal coming to town to take me or my gun away. Isn’t that special?

I would like to know what “religious zealotry Christians foist on the entire population” and what “settled laws” I attack? As a taxpayer, I am done paying for everybody. Since this country I love is broke and broken, what are conservatives doing that Mr. Bergh doesn’t like?

Settled laws? Our progressive officials in government don’t enforce our laws. They pick and choose what they want to enforce. How is that fair? I pay taxes but get no representation. I remember a story about that. It was around 1776 …

Although it is the law of the land, I do not wish to pay for someone’s abortion. I believe it is murder, but if you desire to have one, go ahead, just don’t ask me (taxpayer) to pay for it.

I believe you should have to show an ID at the polls when you vote. This sounds real 18th-century to me.

If someone is here illegally, I don’t want to pay for their hospital bills. If they are sick, stabilize them and deport. Why should I continue to pay for their babies being born or kidney dialysis? We’re broke, remember? I had to pay up front for my medical bills in Mexico.

As a business owner, my unemployment insurance went through the roof this year (400 percent increase) and the government keeps extending the benefits. If you lessen the benefits, people will take any job so they could feed themselves. It only is getting harder to keep the doors open.

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