Vail Daily letter: Done with GOP |

Vail Daily letter: Done with GOP

Charles Patterson
Vail, CO, Colorado

As of yesterday, I’ve officially removed my name from the rolls of the Republican Party. I do this not to support the Democrats (in 34 years of consistent voting, I have never voted for a Democrat) but to allow my vote to really count.

I have made a huge mistake in the past by being a party voter, but never again. I will now proudly call myself an independent and vote for the candidate who I feel will make the right choices for our country. And wow, do I feel good about it. So good that I have immediately thrown my support to independent candidate Jason R. Clark for governor of Colorado.

I have never been as disgusted with both parties as I am today. Things are so out of control, I fear we will never be able to get our great country back. The only hope are candidates who are patriots that want to stand, and I mean really stand (they all take an oath to), by the Constitution of this great country as the law of the land.

If you do not already, I hope you will consider making the same choice with your vote no matter what party you currently support. It’s the only way to make your vote really count.

Charles Patterson


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