Vail Daily letter: Don’t blame breed |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t blame breed

Joe Timlin
Vail, CO, Colorado

This is in regards to Mr. Glenn Newkirk’s comments about pit bulls. How totally uneducated were your comments about pit bulls.

I am extremely disappointed that you would fire off any remarks without doing your research first. Although I certainly feel bad when any dog is attacked, blaming the pit bull breed is cliche and that time is coming to an end.

Mr. Newkirk, did you know that one of the original intentions of the pit bull breed was to be a nanny dog for children? Even though that has changed over the years, it is very unforunate that the breed became known more for its fighting than its true caring nature.

Next question, did you know that dalmations, huskies and poodles all share “most dangerous” lists with pit bulls? That’s right, dalmations, the fun-loving fire truck dog, and huskies — “Snow Dogs,” the movie, anyone?

I could spend way more than 500 words to tell you how ignorant your comment was, but it does not deserve much more than this.

Denver’s ban on pit bulls is becoming more and more obsolete each year, and hopefully opinions like yours will soon follow that path.

Joe Timlin


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