Vail Daily letter: Don’t blame the breed |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t blame the breed

CeliaSue Hecht
Vail, CO, Colorado

Clearly, the vet tech who wrote about “pit bulls” was upset and took her anger out on the dog that hurt the Jack Russell terrier.

That is unfair.

Who even knows if the dog who did that was a pit bull, since many times, people say it was a pit bull when it was who knows what breed?

And pit bull is not a breed: American Staffordshire terrier, American pit bull terrier and other breeds are all lumped together and called pit bulls, as the vet tech knows.

If what she is saying were true then all 52 of the former Michael Vick dogs would be killers, bred to be aggressive, killing machine, mean, vicious monsters, right?

Well, it turns out that one of the dogs was overly bred and put to sleep. Eight of the dogs are now therapy dogs, including Leo, Jonny Justice and Sox, and many have earned their Canine Good Citizen certification and are living with families with other dogs, cats and children and have never shown one iota of aggressiveness.

They were, many of them, scarred, traumatized and terrified of humans, however. Mel, Handsome Dan and others still have difficulties meeting strangers or being in new situations. But some, like the adorable and sweet Ginger and Stella, which I personally met, though shy and a little haunted look in their eyes, Ginger not Stella, are just dogs. Regular, everyday, garden-variety dogs.

Lucas, considered one of the most vicious of all of the former Vick dogs, got to spend his life at Best Friends because he was considered dangerous. He is well loved in Kanab and has never been the slightest bit aggressive to dogs or humans. He spends time twice a week in the administration office.


Lulu goes to school:!/shows/nonstop/Pit-Bull-Goes-to-School/132802633.

Pit bulls are just dogs:


You might get licked to death by a pit bull, since they are bred to be overly affectionate to humans and children. You may have to laugh, smile and/or guffaw every day at their goofy antics.

And you may have to be a responsible dog owner and breeder – that is true. But please stop blaming these dogs that have been abused, traumatized, starved, neglected, abandoned and killed by humans.

CeliaSue Hecht

Seaside, Calif.

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