Vail Daily letter: Don’t embarrass yourself again |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t embarrass yourself again

Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

As organizer of the Vail Valley 9.12 Project, I thought it my responsibility to respond to the description by Jason Denhart of Tea Party and 9.12 Project members as “terrorists and radical fringe.”

Mr. Denhart is obviously one of the dozen or so people left in this country who still watch, listen to and regurgitate the spewings of the likes of Rachel Madow, Keith Olbermann and Chris “Obama gives me a thrill up my leg” Matthews.

First of all, the members of the Vail Valley 9.12 Project and all of the 9.12 Project and Tea Party members that I have met are concerned individuals who have realized that Congress and the administration, both past (over the last 100 years) and present, have usurped our constitutional rights.

The 9.12 and Tea Party members are from all walks of life, including health-care professionals, teachers, business owners and just plain folk. We are patriotic Americans from all political parties and independents who are fiscally conservative constitutionalists and are working to restore the tenets of our Constitution.

The founders worked tirelessly to write a document that allows people like Mr. Denhart and me to exercise our First Amendment rights, among other freedoms.

Mr. Denhart, America did not take back the country. The country was tired and thirsty for change and brother, have we gotten it. I guess it was you who voted for transparency, bipartisanship, jobs, quality health care and careful now, no increase in taxes on 95 percent of Americans. Pardon me, I guess mandated health insurance, penalties and fees are not taxes.

It has been stated that a “sleeping giant has been awakened.” That sleeping giant has come in the form of the Tea Party patriots and the 9.12 Projects and this administration and Congress have been the alarm clock.

Before you start insulting and denigrating people and calling them terrorists, you should get your facts straight.

Everyone has condemned the vile phone calls and threats made against members of both parties in Congress, including those made against congressman Stupak by the left when it was thought that he was going to vote against the health-care reform bill.

I don’t remember an outcry or condemnation when public figures made hateful and threatening comments against the member of the previous administration.

No one has heard any taped evidence of racial slurs “screamed at African American congressmen,” nor have I heard of a member of a Tea Party or 9.12 Group charged with cutting the gas lines at the Democrat congressman’s brother’s home.

I did see the bullet hole shot through Republican congressman Cantor’s office. It was reported that it was just an errant bullet shot into the air that “happened” to land through his window (odd trajectory).

You sir, with your vitriolic hate speech, are exactly the ilk of uninformed, misinforming individuals who are fomenting the violence of which you wrote.

Stop mimicking what you hear and do a little research before you embarrass yourself again.

Michael Schneider

Organizer, Vail Valley 9.12 Project

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