Vail Daily letter: Don’t ‘interpret’ |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t ‘interpret’

Larry Rigdon
Edwards, CO Colorado

I read with interest Rev. Ens’ editorial on a “living” Constitution. In this editorial, he argues that the Constitution is living document subject to interpretation in our times. Unfortunately, Rev. Ens did not identify the interpreter for our “living” Constitution.

He rightly pointed out that Jesus fought conservative thought, interpreted the laws and made them relevant to his times. He interpreted and updated the law of God.

But who among us in the contemporary world today has the divine mercy, grace and knowledge to interpret a living Constitution? The judiciary? The Congress? The president? A politically appointed committee?

I think not and I trust not!

I suggest the we evolve our Constitution as a “living” document through due process constitutional amendments. Let us not allow the Constitution to be a “living document” that is “interpreted” by someone or some group rather than by and for the people.

I think Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Jefferson and Madison could all agree that the people should change our Constitution under the law, rather than have it “interpreted” by some unnamed and unaccountable person or group.

As for Shakespeare, I don’t know what he has to do with the law or the Constitution! Maybe I was supposed to be impressed because Rev. Ens offers a respected author as an example of enlightened interpretation of his times?

We have real fiscal and governance issues in our country today. We need real solutions for a government that has allowed spending and social programs to bankrupt America. We need solutions that are supported by the people and that are for all the people and that carry the burden of personal responsibility!

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