Vail Daily letter: Don’t let schools go to waste |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t let schools go to waste

Bobbi Brook
Edwards, CO Colorado

Thank you, Marty Lich, for your clarification. A person would have to be living in a yurt in the Yukon to not see the impending doom of the housing market. What was not foreseen was how long it would last and how many foreclosures would actually happen in our county, how low the housing values would go and how this would ultimately impact property taxes. No one can know all that.

I agree that the Brown Palace is extravagant for a school employee to use tax money on. What you didn’t know because you didn’t ask: I did ask, and was told that the hotel expense was charged and then reimbursed by another party. Ultimately it was not paid by taxpayers.

We don’t really know until we ask the conditions under which these charges were allowed. Perhaps you should get on the school board, attend the meetings, and have a say in how these things happen.

However, despite the $900-whatever cost for pizza (all day training for teachers?), if all of those kinds of charges are forbidden from now on, would it add up to $6 million? I appreciate you pointing out those things to the public, and maybe there should be some serious discussion about the necessity of certain spending. 3B is a bit more than lunch money.

And to Buddy Shipley, get new material, you repeated your rantings again. You did get me thinking that my husband’s construction company has less customers and smaller jobs. He has sold vehicles, laid off employees and downsized, to keep within his income. It’s working out so far.

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The problem with our schools is that there are still thousands of customers still showing up every day needing our product, education. Whether their parents rent or own property, they are contributing to their education. Only a fraction, I know, but that is how the system is set up and works. We are not a Third World country where only the rich get educated. The customers come and we need to take care of them.

We can let our district go to waste with oversized classes where none of the kids will get enough attention, with outdated resources and materials and with insufficient equipment and facilities. It really will get to that in just a short time unless 3B is passed.

Buddy, how in the heck is $221-a-year increase in property taxes going to sink a million-dollar home into foreclosure? If they are foreclosed on, they had more problems than the school district does.

I encourage the school district to still find ways to tighten its belt (as my dad used to say after the oil crash in 1989) and further examine the necessity of every expenditure. I encourage Eagle County to vote for 3B.

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