Vail Daily letter: Don’t need interchange |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t need interchange

Suzanne Shepard
Vail, CO, Colorado

It is quite amazing that the town of Eagle cannot afford to start any work on a portion of the Eby Creek Road improvements at this time, yet they are going ahead with the planning and building for the east Eagle interchange and a connector road to Highway 6.

The plan is endorsed so far only by the developers of Eagle River Station and Tom Gosiorowski, the town engineer.

An interchange and road to nowhere will ultimately clog Highway 6 into Eagle, and back up traffic even more on Eby Creek Road at the roundabout during peek hours.

This project will surely increase the value of the properties around it, except for the residential areas. It cost taxpayers plenty and the developers little, if anything.

Several people have suggested some quick, easy and inexpensive modifications and improvements that would help to relieve some of the traffic congestion and dangers at the interchange of I-70 and Eby Creek Road:

1. Make longer right-turn lanes on off-ramps.

2. Add a right-turn lane on Eby Creek Road to enter the westbound I-70 on-ramp.

3. Make a four-way stop at Eby Creek Road and Market Street.

The people who use these roads often have very good solutions to some of the problems, so why not try them before plunging ahead with an interchange in the wrong location?

The residents of Eagle Ranch have expressed interest in an interchange in west Eagle or for the airport as a better solution to what has been and is being planned.

The east Eagle interchange was one of the reasons Eagle River Station was defeated, and now we should pay for it for the developer?

Suzanne Shepard

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