Vail Daily letter: Don’t understand that |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t understand that

Jim Joyce
Vail, CO, Colorado

The letter to the editor by Jim Akin contained a contradiction that I find disturbing (and all too commonly accepted by those who neglect critical thinking).

I agree with his statement that the blame-the-rich tactics of the extreme left are similar to Hitler. I also agree that the left (extreme or otherwise) wants more government control of our lives (“controlling our freedom,” as he put it), at least in the economic realm.

But he also states that the tea party (which he classifies as the “extreme right” – in both cases, “extreme” is asserted to be the factor that makes them bad, without need for further discussion) wants more of the private sector controlling our freedom, as if that were the same thing.

How exactly does the private sector control our lives in the same manner as government? So, in other words, socialism is slavery, but so is capitalism?

If that’s true, then why would it matter if we have socialism, capitalism or some mixture of the two, which is what “moderates” like him favor?

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Jim Joyce


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