Vail Daily letter: Don’t we make enough? |

Vail Daily letter: Don’t we make enough?

Dave Kraft
Vail, CO, Colorado

At what point does the police state end here? It seems to have no bounds. Take, for example, Vail’s new unmarked Tahoe that sits most of the night across the street from the village’s underground parking entrance. The unmarked sits there totally blacked out, lying in ambush.

The ambush car must have pulled over at least 20 cars last night in front of Solaris. That car has more lights than a disco. Why does Vail need an unmarked police car lying in perpetual ambush? Is that part of our new image? I am sure our visitors enjoy being ambushed 100 feet from their $25 a day parking spot.

Instead of pulling people over, why don’t we install a toll plaza setup on the frontage road? It would save the town a lot of gas money and they could extract even more money from the locals and visitors. Isn’t that the name of this new game? Now that Andy Daly is mayor, maybe we could tone down the police state a few notches.

The same season Vail buys their ambush police car, they declare war on our bus tour and RV visitors. What is there room for in the bus and RV lot? Maybe seven vehicles. It’s always been free. Now it’s $25 a day.

When you go from zero to $25 in one season, it looks really greedy. The town should put a sign up on the highway at the exit that reads “Bus Tours and RVs Not Welcome.” Isn’t that how the town really feels? The $25 bus parking says it all and completes the total gentrification of Vail.

Good job, pat yourselves on the back.

Dave Kraft

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