Vail Daily letter: Dotsero train station? |

Vail Daily letter: Dotsero train station?

Roger Brown
Vail, CO, Colorado

Has anyone explored the idea of a rail station at Dotsero with the Denver-Rio Grand-Western railroad and Amtrak companies?

Granted it’s a longer ride than driving from the Front Range and over the passes to Eagle County, but it’s a traffic-free and relatively restful environment. In earlier times, there were club cars where you could get a meal and even sleeper cars. I haven’t taken the ride, but there must be comfortable ways to work on your computer, Iphone, etc., and Amtrak cars could be redesigned for modern travel if they haven’t already been.

There are more rails in place from Dotsero past Beaver Creek and into Minturn. Could these be reactivated with stations?

Could the railroad be upgraded to travel faster, making it more competitive with driving?

Right now, the primary business of the railroad is coal, lots of coal. Almost every time I drive through the Glenwood Canyon, I see at least 50 full car loads of coal headed east, carrying incredible amounts of what will turn into unacceptable air pollution when it’s burned. Less freight and more passenger traffic would be a positive change.

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We talk about high-speed rail to Vail. Is it possible that we have more possibilities than we think right in our backyard? It would be great to hear from someone who knows more about this.

Roger Brown

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