Vail Daily letter: Doubting this health-care reform |

Vail Daily letter: Doubting this health-care reform

Karl Berger
Vail, CO, Colorado

It seems everyone agrees there is a problem with health care. What you don’t hear about is any discussions regarding several key issues adding to the problem.

Since I’m not one to back away from issues, let’s open it up!

Tort reform. Every time someone has an undesired result from a treatment or procedure, they call “Frank Azar, the strong arm”! How about a frontal lobotomy on old Frank, please! Seriously, Democrats receive huge contributions from the American Bar Association. That could be why there is no discussion on this issue.

When a neurosurgeon begins his practice, he starts off with about a $200,000 malpractice insurance premium. We pay for that, too.

Illegal immigrants. Of course they’ll be covered under the Dems’ proposal. They’re a huge voting block.

Here’s a good one. You elect not to get insurance, do ya? Well, guess what? Page 16 of the bill calls for a $2,500 penalty for no insurance! It’s right there in black and white. That’s because you might have “fallen and can’t get up!” It is no longer an option to be without some type of insurance. (Can you say “insurance lobbyists”?)

Let’s talk about the government panel that will set what procedures are covered and what won’t be. That means, poor old Grandpa won’t be getting that hip replacement after all, good money after bad.

But here’s a kicker! Need an abortion? You guessed it, it is covered by Comrade Obama.

Want to keep your insurance because you like it? No problem, or is there one maybe?

I own an insurance company, let’s say. And I get to compete with the feds, lucky me.

Let’s see, private enterprise, watch my costs, keep an eye on the bottom line, keep my stockholders happy by making a profit, OK to all that, except when has any of those things applied to government?

They need money. Print some up! Profits? Why, profits are evil and nasty. Everyone knows that!

Finally, no added cost to taxpayers, no tax increases unless you make more than a million a year. So, 2 percent of the population is going to cover 98 percent of the population’s health care? Sure, I believe that. Don’t you?

Here’s a question for you. You have been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, just like the one affecting Congress?

Now, you have for choices for treatment: Canada, France, England or our current “broken” system.

Which one would you choose?

I thought so.

Karl Berger


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