Vail Daily letter: Drank all the Kool-Aid |

Vail Daily letter: Drank all the Kool-Aid

The GOP House needs to investigate the massive, pervasive fraud perpetrated and promulgated by Democrats, starting with our elections, as economic plans and tax cuts won’t mean much or last long until we run the Marxists out of power and to do what the country should have done after the Civil War in 1865: abolish the Democratic Party, along with the slavery that Democrats sought to keep legal.

Consider that Obama is the first black man ever elected by Democrats to the U.S. Senate. In other words, it took the “party of tolerance” nearly 250 years to elect a black man! Obama’s African DNA is merely cover for his Marxism. Democrats haven’t changed their stripes at all.

Kids now learn the big lie of Watergate having been such a terrible political corruption. It was an overblown political ploy by Democrats against a president who won in a landslide. Watergate was largely to avenge Nixon’s having convicted Soviet spy and U.S. State Department bureaucrat Alger Hiss, who was jailed merely for perjury. (Like Al Capone having been jailed only for tax evasion.) Hiss, however, along with fellow Soviet comrades such as John Service, should have been hung for treason after turning over Eastern Europe to Stalin and China to Stalin’s puppet Mao Tse Tung after World War II. And they did so by stabbing our allies in the back, putting them back under the same totalitarian rule as Hitler’s Third Reich.

O.J. Johnson


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