Vail Daily letter: Drive safe! |

Vail Daily letter: Drive safe!

Melissa Johnson
Vail, CO, Colorado

I just returned from an adventure in bike riding with my kids. It appears that most of you adult car drivers have missed the signs, the big yellow buses and the hordes of kids wearing oversized back packs.

Hello! School is back in session.

Maybe it is time for a quick refresher on rules of the road:

1. Stop signs mean stop. Not roll through, not tap your breaks. Stop!

2. Crosswalks are for walking across. When a pedestrian (cyclist or foot) stops before entering the crosswalk, that doesn’t mean you can go. It means they have been told to stop and wait to ensure the driver stops so they can cross safely. Pedestrians always have the right of way when entering or in the crosswalk.

3. The speed limit is 20 miles per hour. Not 21 or 25. Twenty, period.

4. Speed humps: When you are yakking on your cell phone and you hit the speed hump, causing your mini van to bottom out and your children’s heads to hit the ceiling of your car, you are going too fast and didn’t stop. Hang up and drive.

And lastly, we parents have to return home. I may not have my other children with me, but I still would at least like to make it home safely. The same rules apply.

So let’s recap: Stop at stop signs. Use caution at crosswalks. Adhere to all speed limits. And slow down or stop at speed humps.

Melissa Johnson


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