Vail Daily letter: Ducked a rope, oops |

Vail Daily letter: Ducked a rope, oops

Sue Kay Dailey
Vail, CO, Colorado

Ever had one of those days when everything seems to go wrong? First, you get out on the mountain and realize you don’t have your cell phone or glasses. You head down to the start of a trail that you think is open to meet your party and find a rope across it.

Backtracking slightly, you realize you are in the wrong place and lost, and your goggles are fogged. Slight panic and disorientation ensue. So, with single minded focus you head for what looks like a groomed trail in the right direction, where you can climb back out.

I’m writing this letter to appeal to all of you novice skiers who started skiing as mature adults. You too could potentially find yourself in this awkward, and very embarrassing position.

However, being disoriented can lead to an important (albeit humiliating) educational opportunity on skier safety.

1. As a skier, no matter what your level, it is your responsibility to know the skier code (so review it; it’s printed on the napkins in all the Vail Mountain restaurants).

2. If you find yourself lost and disoriented, try not to panic, stop, take a deep breath and scan your surroundings (be sure to look higher than your line of sight; some boundary ropes are above your head). Don’t just start skiing to what appears to be an easier route in the right direction. You could be wrong!

3. The ski patrol works very hard to keep the mountain safe for all skiers (blatant offenders and vulnerable idiots included). Crossing under a rope is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly.

Pay attention and be safe.

Sue Kay Dailey


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