Vail Daily letter: Ducking Congress |

Vail Daily letter: Ducking Congress

Dr. Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

Donald Berwick was appointed by President Obama during the congressional Independence Day recess to head up Medicare and Medicaid in our country.

Clearly, this Obama appointment was made during the recess so as to avoid a contentious congressional confirmation process. So much for President Obama’s promise of “transparency.”

Mr. Berwick has made it very clear that he is in lockstep with the British health care system. This is a socialized system that finds inadequate health care for the citizens of England.

Mr. Berwick is also a firm supporter of income redistribution.

This philosophy, when applied to the health care system, will promote health care redistribution.

We will now enter a system in which the availability of health care will depend on calculations of life expectancy versus cost of care.

If this is first step in the socializing of health care in America, how long will it take for the whole health care system in this country to become socialized? Holy smokes! Worse yet, where will those really sick folks from Canada, England and other countries go for treatment of serious health problems if we have socialized medicine in the U.S.A.

No worries! There is always Thailand.

Dr. Michael Schneider


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