Vail Daily letter: Eagle needs Eagle River Station |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle needs Eagle River Station

Brad Hasley
Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to Kelly Conley’s letter in the Friday edition: It’s great to hear the input of one of our new residents here in Eagle who has been “drifting” around the country for the past 15 years.

I, too, would agree that we have a gem of a place to live. I’ve been here in the Vail Valley for the past 26 years, and have seen many changes in not only Eagle, but the entire Vail Valley. I’ve personally chosen Eagle as the best place to live in this valley!

One of the problems I see here in our small town of Eagle is the “I’m here now, so let’s close the door” attitude that many of our newcomers have toward this town moving forward without thinking about what the town has been planning for the past 15 years, or considering the debts it has taken on.

Nobody wants rampant strip-mall development, but the fact of the matter is our town is running out of money! How do we keep our services up? Our payments going on the new water-sanitation plant? Our town employees to keep their jobs they’ve had for many years?

It takes sales tax revenue! And if one has taken a close look at what currently exists on Chambers Avenue (a hodgepodge), and the plans submitted for Eagle River Station, then one would realize that Eagle River Station would be the highlight of the entire street.

I personally really can’t think of a better place in the town limits to put a commercial development than right next to Interstate 70 at the end of a street that’s full of commercial property.

As far as Broadway being some sort of center of commerce for the town – it’s never going to happen. The businesses there are currently starving, and all the parking is filled!

Unfortunately, most vacationers traveling through the Jet Center and airport don’t even know it’s there.

A little town-sponsored advertising by way of signs and other sources would help, if the town were able to fund it. Bottom line, we need a little development, and no development will ever be perfect, but Eagle River Station will fill a need for our town in our current situation.

Brad Hasley


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