Vail Daily letter: Eagle River Station a benefit for Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle River Station a benefit for Eagle

Mel Richmond
Eagle, CO, Colorado

It’s interesting to me that there are so many negative comments about Eagle River Station. I believe that these comments and the strong “anti” beliefs are based on emotion and not the facts.

Twenty years ago I used to visit Eagle, and it was a tired and old-looking town that needed a facelift. With the infusion of development dollars, mostly from residential construction fees, the town has been able to improve some of the crumbling infrastructure.

There are still plenty of infrastructure replacement needs within town. We need these tax dollars to be able to keep up with the town’s maintenance needs.

I moved here from a town that was “anti-development” and thought that Eagle was more forward-thinking. I still believe that the town leaders are forward thinking, due to the fact that they are in favor of this project.

The town that I moved from was so anti-development that shopping opportunities left town along with the tax dollars. The city coffers began to dwindle and so did the city services.

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The libraries began to cut hours, the recreation facilities cut their programs and hours, and snow removal was for major streets only.

The worst of all this, was that we had to get into the car and waste gas (adding to greenhouse gases) and time to get our basic shopping done at an affordable price.

The adjacent town that welcomed the developers was able to build new recreation facilities, replace crumbling infrastructure, and provide in-town shopping for their residents. That town had a huge windfall of tax dollars. They received tax dollars from their residents and the residents from the adjacent towns.

Please think about what a benefit Eagle River Station would be to our town. It will bring in much-needed tax dollars and will allow us to actually shop in our own town and allow us to directly contribute to Eagle’s future. I would really love to be able to shop for underwear, socks and health food in my own town. Please join me in supporting Eagle River Station and vote “yes” on Jan. 5 and leave your emotions at the door.

Mel Richmond


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