Vail Daily Letter: Eagle River Station just too big |

Vail Daily Letter: Eagle River Station just too big

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

Regardless of who did what with some campaign signs, what a group of carpenters from Kansas City have to say about their wages, what bailouts RED has received and the arguing in Eagle about when the tax dollars will actually start coming in …

Is 550,000 square feet of commer-cial space right for Eagle, Colorado? Glenwood Meadows shopping mall in Glenwood Springs is 405,000 square feet. I’m no mall expert, but that place is pretty big.

At roughly 550,000 square feet, that puts ERS nearly 40 percent larger than Glenwood Meadows. Please think about that. I don’t feel that is appropri-ate for Eagle, Colorado.

Cody Downard, Eagle

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