Vail Daily letter: Eagle River Station would add to global warming |

Vail Daily letter: Eagle River Station would add to global warming

Dave Eckardt
Eagle, CO, Colorado

If Eagle River Station is built, one of the largest schools in the valley will be built to the east of it on a parcel already secured by the school district.

They await the approval of ERS to give their project a green light. Without ERS, the new campus cannot go forward because it needs the ERS utilities infrastructure to come up to the edge of its parcel to be affordably built.

In science classrooms in modern schools, climate change and man’s effect on the current global-warming happening is discussed by teachers to students.

That mankind is an accelerator of global warming is now considered fact by all but the most Neanderthal of mentalities. The Bush administration fessed up to it in the last year of its tenure, and now China has come on board in agreement that the time for denial is over and the time for action is now.

Previously, these administrations were the portrait for old-school, industry-fueled global-warming denial.

Eagle River Station is a perfect example of an old-school accelerator of global warming. ERS will be a sea of asphalt and concrete, its massive parking lots radiating solar energy into the previously cool night air.

The energy used to power the mall and light it up at night will be significant, and the majority of it will come from coal-fired power plants.

The wetlands along the Eagle River have been slated by the developer to be a barrier to polluted runoff from the giant parking lots so that this pollution won’t reach the river (great!).

About 20,000 car trips per day will move in and out of the mall area, generating tons of carbon emissions.

So when Eagle children come home in the afternoon from the new school, what is it that parents will be discussing with them?

Do they look their children in the eye and talk about relevant subjects, or do they just sweep something like global warming under the carpet?

It is often mentioned that American families can be dysfunctional, that there is a gap of understanding and appreciation between generations.

If we as adults hide from taking responsibility for what children are taught in school, aren’t we fostering this dysfunctionality? Does it mean anything to a parent when their child says to them, “Oh Mom, you just don’t understand.”

Or is it just ignored?

As we head into the holiday season, what more could we ask for than to promote harmony in our families? On Jan. 5, vote “no” to Eagle River Station. Don’t continue the lie about global warming to the kids.

Dave Eckardt


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